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Recorded in Steven's parents' basement on a cool spring night by Anders Ericsson and Carlo Panighetti.


released May 9, 2017



all rights reserved


Eve's Peach San Jose, California

Nikki, Amy, Steven

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Track Name: Evening
These drinks go on
After the sun sets
You sit so close
I smell your whiskey breath
Track Name: Still
Still cold
I don't know
This light's dull
It's getting old
And if you look closely
Wait for your eyes to adjust
You'll find that underneath the moulding
Those same old lies
Same old thoughts
If things changed for the better
Why do I still see the scuffs?
Newfound knowledge
Wearing your old sweater
Alone I'm calling your bluff
Track Name: Hey You
You're screaming from the top floor
I know your voice
But can't remember your face
It sounds like something important
But all I can hear you say is
Track Name: The Fool
Slow down
Won't you stay a while?
You made your bed
Rest your head
We know about you
Come on
Who are you trying to fool?
I know it was you I saw
Crying, drinking away the afternoon
Track Name: Blossom Valley
Wait, up ahead
Sign says road open
But it's a dead end
Drive to the right here
It's our old home
Or what's left
I'm not lying
Can you picture the tree swing?
And in the backyard
Playhouse full of dead dreams
About a few miles away
First friend, first love, first beer, first time betrayed
It's hard to describe
What those streets looked like
They're not the same
They've changed
Who knows how long
These streets will stay intact
Not holding my breath
That's why my bags are packed
Don't wanna think about it
Track Name: Things You Don't Mean
Why do you say
Things you don't mean?
I'm so tired I can't sleep
I'm too busy thinking bout
Those things that you don't mean
Track Name: Eyes Wide Shut
It's not so clear I won't go
We took the longer way
And when you say I speak slow
I'll try to hold on to
Everything but you
I won't stop tonight no
And we'll never wake up
The years flew by so fast it shows
I can hardly tell if you're asleep
What happens when eyes stay closed?
Will we make the same mistakes?
Your words so bold
Press on this dreamlike stare
And I won't stop tonight no
And we'll never wake up
Collecting seeds from the ground you sow
In a safer place I will keep